Intro to the AI section:

Technology has shaped my entire world.  I think that can be easy to forget for some people.  The widespread use of the internet has made it so most of us can literally reach into our pocket and pull out answers to things we wouldn't have been able to learn without extensive hunting in a library thirty years ago.  

“I believe that the abominable deterioration of ethical standards stems primarily from the mechanization and depersonalization of our lives,” -Albert Einstein, writing a letter to a friend 

Side note, always look up the sources on quotes.  I just learned a lot of the phrases I'd attributed to Einstein were, of course, bunk.  Quotes or not, the idea has credence: that we have made lives so easy for ourselves through technology that we have kind of abused the hell out of it.  I can appreciate the need for manual tasks, but when it comes down to it if it can be automated.   A major concern for a lot of people is that automation will take our jobs away, but let's be honest:  If a machine can do the same manual task a man can, why would you want to be in that position?  Why would you want to work a job like that? 

If automation really does take over much of our more manual tasks, then we should focus on helping people get educated in a field where they are needed.  Hell, maybe we should increase the number of jobs available in healthcare and psychological dealings, but I digress.  Last point: While I don't think the government should hand out things to people in a more socialist fashion, there is nothing wrong with providing a framework where junkies and get help and women in low-income places don't feel like sex work is their only way to survive.  

There's a lot of tasks I've already started to automate.  I use Crowdfire for most of my social media posts.  It allows me to share across multiple platforms.  Unfortunately, they are not currently compatible with Squarespace websites, but they are compatible with Wordpress.  I'm thinking about trying to set up a wordpress site as a forward to my proper website.  I'll let y'all know how that works out.  

Immediate goal: Automate most PC processes that I don't need to take care of manually.

Following goal: Outfit apartment with a dummy AI and tie it to Alexa.  Then outfit the AI software and hardware wise.

Lunatic goal:  I wonder how hard it would be to make an Iron Man Suit.  Not something that could fly obviously, but a bulletproof full body suit with a helpful AI integrated into the system.