Team Ducksauce- Extra-Life 2017 24 Hr. Announcement

Hey all! It's that time of year again! The Extra Life 24 hour livestream for charity is November 4th this year.  Once again, all proceeds from the stream go to Dell’s children's hospital.  I have recruited an assistant and we are good to go! This year's goal is to raise $336 by the end of the stream, $1 more than last year’s end result!  I like to set manageable goals!  At time of writing, I’ve somehow obtained $50 in donations (Thanks Mum) without even sharing the link to the donation page.

Which is:


GAME DAY IS NOV 4TH, 2017 at 0800 CST. 


This year I’m taking game suggestions, but I also have stretch goals for myself as a person.

Goal:                                 Result:

$200                            I’ll have my assistant do my makeup. And I’ll look fabulous.

$350                             I’ll turn the entire stream into a drinking game.

$500                             I’ll shave my beard but leave the mustache.

$600                            I’ll stream the entire thing as Detective Popcorn.

$900                            I’ll stop using the Detective Popcorn voice

$1,000                          I’ll have my assistant pepper spray me live on camera


100% of the money raised goes to Dell Children’s Hospital

At about 9AM EST on November 4th I’ll be streaming from my PS4 for 24 hours straight to raise money for the local children’s hospital.  Three years now of writing that sentence and it still sounds absurd.  This year my brother @Ben Deihl is taking helm as captain of Team Ducksauce.  Our team goal, which is determined by the amount each individual on our team has raised as a whole (Currently @Ben and @Matt and @Me), is $2000.  

From 9 AM (Saturday) to 8PM EST We’re going to be streaming different content.  As ever, I’ll be playing by the rules of “You made the donation, you choose what I play” on PS4 for that time period.  A couple days before the stream I’ll release an updated schedule.  

From 8PM to 9AM (Sunday) EST, we’re joining forces, streaming multiplayer content as we fight the forces of literally everyone we can swing a crowbar at.  Which is a lot of people considering that the three of us are currently in two states, two countries, and have various crowbar vendors around us.  Be warned, forces of everyone we can swing a crowbar at!  





12PM: Currently TBD.  Donate and suggest PS4 games to stream!










8PM to 10PM- Rainbow 6: Siege

        Watch Ben carry the team!

10PM to 12AM Destiny 2

        Watch Matt carry the team!

12AM to 2AM- Friday the 13th,

        Watch Joe laugh a little too hard when he gets to play as Jason!

2AM to 4AM- Ghost Recon: Wildlands

        Watch Team Ducksauce blow up everything!

4AM to 5AM- BF Hardline

         Watch the boys play a game everyone forgot existed!

5AM to 6AM- Bloodborne

        Watch us Git Gud.

6AM to 9AM- ???

        Watch us try to keep each other awake for the final three hours!




Rewards for Donating:

-You call a full hour of gameplay and give me a title/time you’d like to see

-You can have me deliver a shout out

-I’m also open to suggestions on further shenanigans


Also, you know.  Stretch goals.  

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Magearna in Pokemon Sun and Moon

So I've noticed that Pokemon promos aren't really among the things I come across in my daily reading.  I love the series, Pokemon Red was the first game I ever owned.  I've played through the main series and now occasionally pick them up to finish the Pokedex on Pokemon Bank.  I thought this code for #801, Magearna was a new thing, but no, the code's been around for almost a year.  But!  I need to test some things regarding these blog posts so:

To get Magearna with very little effort as per the Pokemon Website:

  1. Complete the main story
  2. Choose the QR Scanner function
  3. Line up the QR code for Magearna while pressing the R Button
  4. Visit the deliveryman at the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to get Magearna
  5. Be sure to save your game! 

I've included the QR code below.  Happy hunting!