Just a quick update. The streaming schedule has been interrupted due to the fact I've started a drastic change in diet. It's cutting out Redbull, which I have drunk nearly every day since the age 17, that's the toughest on the body I think. I hypercaffinate and that's a bad habit.  In other news, thanks to a couple of holiday parties I've gotten more comfortable with attention and presentation. At one point I had half a dozen people turning to listen to me while I paced and answered questions, hands gesturing and properly listening to responses. I neutralized a situation where someone I love thought I was attacking them. I didn't make them out to be the bad guy, in my head or otherwise. And I kept my temper.  I

Mostly.  ;)

Haven't smashed anything lately, so that's also good. Anyways, chef that I am I made crunchy taco Hamburger Helper. Stay tuned for news on my upcoming history/comedy podcast, new gaming videos, a couple book reviews and a few new pages on the site. If you read this far, thank you. This site means so much to me.