So I actually quit smoking.  Like, holy shit.  

I spent my Christmas weekend with my parents a few hours north of where I live.  In spite of this being Texas, it was still in the thirties, at one point making it as high as forty-five at the football game we went to before the sun sank and took any heat with it.  I couldn't smoke inside my parent's home over the four days I was there, and due to some sleep problems I wasn't feeling like going out into the vicious cold for a cigarette as often as I might if it were something like seventy outside.  So I had an entire pack of American Spirits last me the Christmas weekend, I bought a pack on my way back home, chain-smoked most of it, then got some 2mg nicotine lozenges.  I've also cut out Redbull, so while my body is still reacting strangely to all the changes, I'm pleased I accomplished them.  

You'll see more frequent posts starting tomorrow, but for tonight I'm going to decompress from work and continue watching Mindhunter on Netflix.  I hope your holidays were merry and bright or what have you.  Remember, be an individual, don't accept free meat from strangers, and try to stay positive.  No matter how hard it is.  



....the positivity part.  Not the free meat part.  Free meat is often hard to turn down, but I pray you resist anyway. 

Source: 2018.01.06