I'm going to share something about my story with you that most people don't understand. I intend to write one of the best-written, politically impactful, and longest book in western literature. I used to be much more forward with my ambitions.  I don't know if I decided to stop sharing the scope of this project because I don't want people to not take me seriously (as if they take me seriously after calling myself a writer my whole life and never being traditionally published) or if it's just fear of the size of the project. It's all mental. 

There is the issue of making an epic that's readable. It has to hold people under a spell, and that means thorough immersion. I worry about my ability to immerse readers. I love this world I've created, and at time of writing I have an intensely detailed map and about 60 pages worth of notes in what I call my World Bible. I know I think strangely sometimes, so I enlisted my sister to go through the notes with me to help eliminate over-complications and contradictions. But just because I love this world I've made in my head doesn't mean that my readers will give a shit about it. It's all in the craft. 

As for the content, I wanted to write my own Journey To The West. A series of adventures with a wide cast of characters and obstacles. The content isn't worrying me half so much as my craft. Because of that, I think I've been treating my World Bible as a training/procrastination ground. I know enough not to exposition everything or much of anything,  so much of what's detailed in the World Bible won't be told directly, if at all, to the reader. It's like seeing a picture of an attractive member of the sex of your choice. I've always prefered the light dignity of lingerie (if I'm only looking, wink wink, nudge nudge,  say no more). It wraps and conceals the human figure that you desire. It's like wrapping a present as opposed to just handing the present to someone as is. Less is more. The mystery and presentation count for a lot. 




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