Okay. This will be a brief post. I've seen a lot of articles lately about the "condomn snorting challenge", most of them with titles like "You won't believe what millennials are doing!" or some equally click baity title. Hey, at least I just used a picture of a profellactic to get your attention.

If you look at incidents of the Tide Pod challenge that were going around last year, you'll notice that incidents increased the more the media reported on it. So I won't use it as a title, but I will clarify what could happen when you snort a condom to pull out through your mouth.  

It's latex. Your nasal passages connect to your windpipe. Yu need your windpipe clear to breathe. Latex can block your windpipe. If that happens, you cannot breathe. If you cannot breathe, you die. Don't be an idiot. And don't encourage kids to do it through mocking clickbait titles.