Hey reader,

So I decided to quit smoking recently and decided I'd put it on here just so I have some accountability.  I also made the image for my post a smoker's lung next to a healthy lung for comparison.  Grim, but it'll help keep me going in the right direction.  I've been consistent mostly to a new (to me) and deeper form of meditation each day.  It's derived from a book called Condensed Chaos, which I will get further into later on.  Trust me, it's  not as spooky as it sounds.  

I've been driving for Favor more lately.  I want to take care of my student debt and have my weekends free to work on this website amongst other, possibly less savory hobbies.  This weekend means a Christmas in Dallas.  It ain't Austin, but it's still Texas.  

I've kind of felt overwhelmed by the weight of this entire year.  I don't have resolutions as much as plans, but this year just straight up sucked.  I know that without adversity and self analysis, we can't grow as people, I just wish I'd learned the easy way.  Still, I'm alive.  

Merry Christmas etc. y'all.